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Friday, October 22, 2004

My weekend starts now!

I'm only in the cubicle today because I took a few hours early in the week. Now the weekend begins! I've got to go pay for my second class, get a haircut, (ok, get all my hairs cut), call Brian to remind him of tonight's Warren Miller ski movie, and take the BSU to Wally World for some new jeans.

In my spare time I've got to pick up the reworked Tracker manifold, get it installed, get the Tracker inspected, buy the shocks for the truck, install the same and the brake pads and the tonneau cover, bring in the garden hoses, drain the secondary water system and prep the camper for winter. That involves getting the water drained out, the water lines blown clear, the battery and propane tanks moved into the shop and pushing the camper back behind the carport.

Easy stuff, right?

Classes kick off again Monday, Intro to Accounting at lunchtime each day and Business Law on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Interestingly, the school has upgraded my status to a Junior since last term. And I got A's in my classes from last term!

Got to go!

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